Auto / Boat / RV

Auto / Boat / RV Carpet Cleaning in Ogden

Hendricks Steam Clean in Ogden, UT, provides auto / boat / RV carpet cleaning services in Ogden and surrounding areas. Our experts can assist with all your carpet cleaning needs. We use advanced carpet cleaning machines to clean the odors, dirt, and grime out of the carpeting. RVs, boats, and cars need regular carpet cleaning to stay looking great longer. We use equipment that is designed to extract dirt, mildew, and grime out of the carpet. Our technicians are trained to handle the problems with boat, RV, and car carpeting that is damaged from years of use.

Our Boat Carpet Cleaning Services

Do you frequent Pineview, Willard Bay, Echo Reservoir, Bear Lake, and other lakes around Utah? Your boat has gone through years of fun, but those years of fun come with soda spills, sunscreen stains, oil, grease, and other issues that become embedded in the carpeting. We use modern carpet cleaning equipment that will extract all these stains and smells from the carpet to keep your boat looking young for years to come.

Auto and RV Cleaning Services in Ogden

We can help to restore your carpet in your favorite car or your RV that travels across the country. Our auto and RV cleaning services are designed to extract years of dirt that has caused the carpet to become hard and worn down. It is our job to restore your carpet back to it’s younger state! If you need to sell your car or RV, call Hendricks Steam Clean to clean the carpeting to make it look young again and ready to sell.

Call Hendricks Steam Clean today to handle all your auto / boat / RV carpets and enjoy your favorite past time once again!