Furniture / Upholstery

Furniture / Upholstery Cleaning in Ogden, UT

Hendricks Steam Clean provides furniture/upholstery cleaning in Ogden, UT, and surrounding communities. Keeping your furniture and upholstery clean can expand how long the furniture lasts and will keep your furniture smelling fresh and clean. If you have pets, you can easily end up with furniture that has pet stains and odors stuck in the upholstery.

Our Cleaning Process

We will come to your home and examine your furniture to determine the level of cleaning that is required. Our specially formulated cleaning solution will not stain your furniture and will help to protect it’s surface. Our experts focus on caring for your furniture like it is our own. We carefully handle each piece of furniture to protect it from becoming damaged. Not only do we help remove the smells from your upholstery, we can help to remove other issues including dirt, dust, and pollutants.

Cleaning and Protecting Your Furniture

Our Ogden office provides on-site cleaning services. We use a protector spray on our carpets and upholstery to protect it against future stains. Our spray will neutralize odors and will protect against future odors. While most homeowners believe cleaning fabric upholstery is necessary, it is also important to focus on cleaning leather furniture. Leather furniture takes on the same smells and dirt as your fabric furniture. Leather becomes damaged over time due to water and can become too soft from wear and tear. To keep your leather furniture protected and safe, we use professional leather cleaners that keep your couch looking new for years to come.

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